National Recognition of JVS’s Results



JVS undertook an independent Social Return on Investment (SROI) study done by Boston University faculty to demonstrate to our investors that their dollars have a strong return. The study showed that JVS program participants received earnings $2-3 per hour higher over two years of program completion and up to $15 per hour increase within ten years.  Read the full report here, which was featured in the Boston Globe.



A national study by Public/Private Ventures revealed that JVS graduates who received industry-specific training achieved significantly higher wages and rates of placement, promotion, and retention than those who did not receive JVS training. Read full report here.

 Good Jobs America


JVS was featured as one of the leading workforce development organizations in the country in the book, Good Jobs America –Making Work Better for Everyone, for its deep partnerships with health care employers that open up career opportunities and help improve the quality of jobs. Read book excerpt here.


JVS was named one of six high-performing workforce development organizations in Massachusetts in a statewide survey by Root Cause’s Social Impact Research. Read full report here.



The National Fund for Workforce Solutions presented JVS's Healthcare Training Institute with the 2012 Exemplary Workforce Partnership Award for its efforts in creating systems change, targeting low-skilled workers, and creating advancement for its participants.