Jewish Community

JVS gives shape and substance to the Judaic teachings regarding social justice and the value of work. Our mission is to empower individuals from diverse communities to find employment and build careers, and to partner with employers to hire and train productive workforces.

    • Over it's 75-year history, JVS has helped refugees from oppressed and war-torn regions gain skills, secure jobs, build careers, and begin to achieve the American dream. 
    • Today, Jewish Vocational Service is one of the largest workforce development organizations in New England, serving nearly 20,000 individuals a year, and known nationally for the quality of its services.  
    • Jewish Vocational Service’s mission in the Jewish and Greater  Boston  community stands on the foundation of several important values: Tikkun Olam, Tzedakah, and loving the stranger.
    • Jewish Vocational Service’s mission and services have been guided by a set of important values about social justice and the value of work.

To learn more, check out JVS’s Jewish Heritage Statement.

JVS CareerSolution serves the Jewish and general community of professional-level job seekers and career changers through career counseling, job search assistance, workshops and peer support groups. JVS CareerSolution has special services for professionals age 40 and over, new grads and the economically vulnerable.

The Transitions to Work Program provides an extensive training and internship program to enable young adults with disabilities to develop the skills needed for employment and place them into jobs that provide earnings and a sense of purpose. This model creates strong collaborations with employers to raise awareness about inclusive hiring practices and to engage corporate partners to consider young adults with disabilities as qualified, committed candidates for appropriate employment opportunities.

CJP Scholarship Committee administered by JVS reviews applications for tuition assistance for college students.

Connections assists Jewish adults with severe and chronic mental illness to choose, obtain, and maintain meaningful employment or education while obtaining heightened independence and self worth.

CJP Anti-Poverty Initiative connects individuals and families in the Greater Boston Jewish community who are in, or at risk of, severe financial hardship with a full spectrum of services. These services include emergency access to food and financial assistance, job search support and help with public benefits.

Overseas Projects

Dnepropetrovsk Microenterprise Loan Project,run by the Jewish community in the Ukraine, receives JVS technical assistance and support. The Project makes loans and gives business advice to underprivileged women to develop new or expand existing businesses.

Shiluvim: JVS participates in the Ethiopian Jewry Committee of the Boston-Haifa Connection. We chair the subcommittee on employment for Shiluvim (the citywide integration program in Haifa).