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Our Mission

Empowering individuals from diverse communities to find employment and build careers, while partnering with employers to hire, develop, and retain productive workforces.

Our Core Values

Learning: We listen, learn, and respond creatively to needs, opportunities and suggestions as they arise at JVS and in the changing marketplace.

Partnership: We partner with clients, employers, and our employees to help identify and reach individual education, employment, career and economic self-sufficiency goals.

Quality: We strive for quality that supports positive impact and long-term benefits in all JVS partnerships and services.

Respect: We respect and value the diverse perspectives, needs and experiences of our clients, colleagues and business partners.

Social Justice: We remember and honor our Jewish legacy of Tikkun Olam (repair of the world) and Tzedakah (justice, righteousness), always working for social justice through our words and deeds.

To learn more, please read JVS’s Jewish Heritage Statement.

Our Impact

For over 75 years JVS has helped people secure financial independence. Every year, JVS serves nearly 21,000 individuals providing them the skills they need to gain employment, as well as to progress up the career and wage ladder and make sound financial choices over their lifetimes.  Programs span from providing employment services to Refugees, to educational programs that help our students prepare for college or get certified in the Biotechnology, Nursing and Pharmacy fields.

We get people jobs.

In 2015, JVS helped 2,000 clients get jobs. Participants who graduated from our job training programs achieved an 84% job placement rate.

We provide the training needed to get better, higher-paid jobs.

In our educational programs, we served 297 individuals in 2015, of which 89% succeeded in graduating and gaining a credential. This training is focused on those who have no post-secondary education, and empowers these individuals with the skills they will need to get good jobs.

We lead the workforce development field.

JVS is a recognized leader in workforce development, implementing innovative solutions to emerging needs in the job market. This innovation reaps benefits for both employers and the individuals JVS serves.  In fact, a 2012 independent study completed by Boston University faculty showed that every $1 invested in JVS yields returns to program participants of $2-3 in higher earnings within the first 1-2 years of program completion, and returns of up to $15 within ten years.

Our History

JVS was founded in 1938 during the Great Depression to assist Jewish immigrants struggling to enter the American workforce and support their families. Today, we serve a diverse clientele that represent over 67 nations and speak 59 languages, helping them change their lives by finding employment and building careers. To learn more about our history, read about our first executive director and view an agency timeline.

Click here to see JVS’s most recent financial statements.